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International Kite Day

World Kite Museum, Long Beach, Washington


One Sky One World promotes annual activities in concurrence with events in hundreds of locations around the World on the Second Sunday of Every October utilizing the multi-cultural symbol of the kite and the ocean of air that we all share. People are made aware of the kite’s contribution to cultural history, the arts and sciences through recognition and enjoyment of the kite, it’s many manifestations and the activity of kite flying as expressed in many nations and regions throughout recorded history. The art and entertainment activities associated with the One Sky One World event, leads to community enjoyment, understanding, friendship between people, environmental awareness and promoting world peace.


The Annual One Sky One World International Kite Fly for Peace takes place in hundreds of worldwide locations each year on the second Sunday of October. October 8, 2017 will mark the 32nd annual event held in Denver and around the world.

  • 1985: OSOW cover story of Soviet Life Magazine
  • 1986: International Press Conference sponsored by Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado
  • 1986: Dr. David Schramm, a world leader in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Chicago, a leading authority on the Big-Bang model on the formation of the universe, endorses OSOW
  • 1989: OSOW receives Peace Award from the City of Ferrara, Italy
  • 1989: Pope John Paul blesses OSOW and all World Kite-Fliers
  • 1992: Kites fly in 1st peaceful protest in Tienamen Square, Beijing, China
  • 1996: NASA commemorates OSOW 10th anniversary, takes 1st kite into space on Space Shuttle “Endeavor”
  • 1997: Jane Parker-Ambrose first woman admitted into “The Kiting Hall of Fame” at the World Kite Museum along with Ben franklin, Wright Brothers, Domina Jalbert (parafoil), Alexander Graham Bell
  • 2000: UNESCO votes to accept OSOW into the DECADE OF NON-VIOLENCE activities
  • 2001: The OSOW International Reporting Site is established on the internet by Tomas Jekel of Germany
  • 2006: John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day, speaks at One Sky One World in Denver
  • 2009: OSOW in Denver is linked live to other OSOW locations around the world via Skype and the internet. Earthday Founder, John McConnell, at age 94 is linked to worldwide locations.
  • 2010: DreamWorks Animation, in celebration of its feature adventure and peace movie, “How to Train Your Dragon”, honors the 25th Anniversary of One Sky One World 2010.
  • 2012: Founder of One Sky One World, Mrs. Parker-Ambrose traveled to Paris, France, and was the first person ever recorded to fly a kite off the Eiffel Tower. She flew a kite made by Belgian architect and kitemaker, Nest Lernout,

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