One Sky – One World

International Kite Fly for Peace

every 2. sunday in october
everyhere in the world

The Kite

an ancient universal symbol of man’s spirit soaring above the bounds of the earth

The Kite

enhancing man’s understanding wisdom and enjoyment of life

The Kite

the most peaceful of all aircraft

As we stand at the crossroad to the future of the planet, join us in celebration of the limitless sky which is meant to be shared by all peace loving people.
One Sky, One World kite festivals will be held annually is every year in countries around the world. To express an optimism which supersedes ideologies, people everywhere are asked to participate in or sponsor a One Sky, One World Festival. Share the rich cultural heritage of the kite through a positive statement for the protection of the earth and peace and friendship among all people.

One Sky One World was initiated by Jane Parker Ambrose in 1986 , the year of Haley’s Comet, as a grass roots activity to fly kites world-wide symbolizing our desire for peace and protection of our planet. The Wind gives us the breath we need to live and knows no borders. The second Sunday in October has become the internationally recognized day for this annual event. One Sky One World means sharing this goal and this experience with all the people of the earth using the medium of kites.

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