For their annual kite festival, the Italian cities of Ferrara and Castiglione de Lago were hosts to One Sky One World founder, Jane Parker-Ambrose, who was accompanied by her husband Larry, for their 1988 kite festivals. The fantastic events were dedicated to peace and international cooperation. Vulandra ’88 Festival in Ferrara April 23 and 24, and the Color the Sky Festival in Castiglione de Lago on May 1, together attracted over 100,000 kitefliers and spectators. Kitefliers were represented from cities throughout Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Holland, England, Hungary, Belgium, and Japan.

In Ferrara, Ms. Parker-Ambrose was honored by the Chamber of Commerce for Industry, the Arts, and Agriculture at an annual awards ceremony attended by hundreds from the community. After an introduction by Marino Po, Director of Foreign Relations and Executive Member of the City Council; Mayor Roberto Sofritti presented Jane with a beautiful brass etched plaque for her contributions to world peace.

The Vulandra ’88 Festival, dedicated to Peace and masterfully staged by the Vulandra Group (who in 1987 were the first to stage kite demonstrations in the Soviet Union) was highlighted by the flyover and aerial photo of the One Sky One World logo. Emblazened on the field, surrounded by kites and fliers, it was a sight to behold. Vulandra Club member and artistic genius, Maurizio Cenci, conceived and executed the feat. Perched atop of an ultralight aircraft, he captured the moment in a spectacular photo. As a gesture of appreciation for organizing the visit of Ms. Parker-Ambrose and her husband, Vulandra Club members Guido Guidarelli and Mauro Gambaccini, received gifts made in Colorado, U.S.A. In addition, Mayor Sofritti was presented the 1987 One Sky One World “Peace Whistle” in honor of the outstanding contributions of the Vulandra group. The Mayor proclaimed, as he blew the whistle, “Let the peace begin!”

In acknowledging some of the wonderful food in Italy, a “Pizza on Earth” kite, that was designed by Ms. Parker-Ambrose was also presented to the Vulandra group. Dubbed the “Fellini” pizza for its bright neon colors; adorned with mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, peppers, and cheese; humor superceded language and it was a source of great amusement.

The Vulandra group also helped over 1000 school children make kites for the festival. The community pitched in to provide gourmet food selections and souveniers. Over 15,000 people watched and participated at the two day festival.

In Castiglione de Lago, in the Umbria region, Director of Tourism, Dr. Festucci, hosted Ms. Parker-Ambrose and the international contingent of kitefliers. At the May Day Festival tens of thousands from the Umbria region and Rome viewed the spectacular collections of kites from around the world. The town museum featured workshops, and a display from the Japan Kite Society. The town of Castiglione de Lago hosted a gala event for the worldwide delegation of kitefliers at which the Mayor and Dr. Festucci presented awards and entertained the grateful contingent with local cuisine, wine, waters, music and folk dancers. Vulandra’s Marizio Cenci left little doubt of his artistic genius as he entertained the children at a party with a group of paper napkins that represented a ballet.

The next day, Ms. Parker-Ambrose spoke about peace and the One Sky One World events to enthusiastic assemblies of two middle schools in the Umbria area. At the Rossa di Mosca school in Castiglione de Lago, students are offered a choice in courses about Amnesty and Peace. As a result of the speech, three of the students volunteered to head a committee for the 1988 One Sky One World festival. Later, they attended the Color the Sky Festival where they met Italian One Sky One World coordinator Guido Guidarelli of the Vulandra group. In addition to flying kites, the school children learned the joys of the kite and the wind.

In a fitting climax to the Color the Sky Festival banners signed by thousands of people around the world at the first One Sky One World festival in 1986 were hoisted aloft by a parafoil provided by Michael Steltzer. The strong involvement of the Italians in One Sky One World reflects their dedication to a peaceful future and the expression of love for people and life which is so much a part of their rich and creative cultural traditions. More information about the activities of the kitefliers of Italy and the publication Cervi Volanti are available from Oliviero Olivieri, Associazione Italiana Aquilonisti (A.I.A.), Via Dandolo 19/a, 00153 Roma, Italy, telephone: 06/58.11.474.

One Sky One World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible.
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